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New Patients at Covington Chiropractic

Woman completing paperworkFrom day one at Covington Chiropractic, we aim to help you get healthy and stay healthy. You can expect a warm welcome as you come in and a personalized approach to caring for your needs that will last for as long as you need our care.

Dr. Chon advocates getting you to experience healing as soon as possible. While we won’t cut corners, we’ll prioritize your immediate pain relief and set you up for long-term success with your health.


Get Ready for a Comprehensive First Day and Quick Results

On your first visit to our Covington office, you should be able to complete an examination, discuss your priorities, and receive your first round of therapy—all in about 30-45 minutes.

For many people, you will notice immediate improvements and results. For some people, it takes a few visits to really resolve the dysfunction, while for others, it may take around a dozen visits to get better.

Once you feel healthy, Dr. Chon will change the strategy to more maintenance care. This stage requires less frequent visits but can be vital in ensuring the dysfunction doesn’t recur and preventing injuries.

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Seeing Our Care Through Your Eyes

Covington Chiropractic carefully views you as the center of our care. We’ll recommend and provide care that is customized to your needs and goals.

Tailored care is important so that Dr. Chon and the team work toward your goals. We incorporate patient education so you don’t just have to rely on the doctor for your health. Our care is meant to encourage you to stay healthy on your own.

Explore Our Flexible Payment Options

We take cash, credit cards, or checks. Patients can use their health savings account (HSA, SSA) and insurance PPOs (not HMOs, which are out of network for us).

Get the Help You Need Today

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward a healthier life!


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