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Sports Chiropractic in Covington

Whether you’re a runner, CrossFitter, golfer, or cyclist, you want your body to stay healthy and perform at its peak. Chiropractic care for athletes can help improve function, reduce injury, and promote faster recovery if you do get injured.

Our Covington office has provided care and education for athletes across the spectrum, from high school and collegiate athletes to weekend warriors and marathon runners. Whether you need to recover from a concussion or want to prevent a muscle strain, we can help.

Giving You the Tools to Prevent Injuries

At Covington Chiropractic, we believe in the preventative power of sports chiropractic, as we focus on fixing dysfunctions before they become injuries. Our goal is to maximize your athletic availability as well as your performance.

If we see conditions that lead to injuries, such as one of your legs being longer than the other, we work to find a solution before an injury occurs during the stress of intense activity and competition. Even if you are not currently experiencing pain, underlying dysfunction may be present.

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Making a Game Plan for Your Unique Health Needs

Every person’s path is different regarding achieving improved health, fewer injuries, and better endurance and performance. While one athlete may struggle with ankle rolls consistently on one side because of dysfunction, there may be another who is a teenager playing sports and dealing with scoliosis.

Dr. Chon sees everyone as an individual with specific needs. He uses various techniques to combat the symptoms and underlying conditions that keep you from winning in sports and life.

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If you play sports or consistently engage in athletic activities, consider chiropractic care at our Covington office. You can stay at the top of your game by coming in for an examination and maintenance care.

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