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Personal Injury (PIP) in Covington

men by a truckAt Covington Chiropractic, we know the trauma and pain that can come following an injury. It’s important to receive care from kind and expert professionals who can get you back on your feet, restoring your health and your joy.

It is a pleasure for Dr. Chon and our team to care for personal injuries and provide personal injury protection (PIP) therapy. We take a personalized approach to your situation and your body’s needs as we assess the injury and give you hope for a full recovery.

We Help You Through Painful Situations

Some personal injuries, including those sustained on the job or in an auto accident, are eligible for care that is covered by insurance. Our friendly office staff in Covington will happily receive a call and answer any questions about your eligibility.

In our view, even if you do not feel acute or chronic pain, there’s value in getting an examination and receiving chiropractic care. But it’s especially important to get checked out after an event that likely threw off your body’s alignment (like a car crash).

Not only does Dr. Chon supply his expertise on ways to get you back to health, but he also lends a listening ear and makes sure you feel comfortable as you walk through the recovery process. It can be a long and difficult journey, so a trustworthy healthcare partner is crucial to get you where you need to go.

Healing You and Teaching You How to Heal

A significant part of our approach to chiropractic care and healing personal injuries is our willingness to share our knowledge with you. You can learn what happened to your body and how to help yourself get healthy. Dr. Chon teaches you exercises and gives stretching routines that can be vital to healing and staying healthy long-term.

Get Out of Pain and Feel Better

Take a first step toward healing from your personal injury. Contact us today!


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