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Pediatric Chiropractic in Covington

hands around boyAt our office in Covington, we happily welcome in children of all ages, from days-old newborns to toddlers up to teens. Starting chiropractic care early on can assist with brain development, the adaptation of critical motor skills, and general pediatric health. Just like with our adult patients, we love helping children get better and stay healthy!

Pediatric Care Can Lead to Full Health in the Future

Getting chiropractic care beginning in childhood may significantly contribute to your body’s ability to function at its peak in adulthood. If we don’t allow misalignments and subluxations to take root and have their normal, devastating effects, your body is positioned to remain as close to fully healthy as possible.

As parents, this form of natural care can be a lifelong gift to your children, as you allow them to start off on the right foot and be on the path to reaching their full potential.

Why Should a Newborn Get Adjusted?

Dr. Chon and the team often provide gentle chiropractic care for infants. The birthing process can be rough on both mother and child. In difficult deliveries, the doctors may be yanking and pulling the baby out, which can affect the newborn’s neck and the extremities.

Dysfunction with a baby’s spine can cause pain and lead to colic symptoms, such as constant crying. With only very slight pressure (about the amount used to check a tomato for ripeness), Dr. Chon can provide an adjustment that relieves the discomfort and changes the baby’s outlook on health and life.

Baby looking

Tongue Tie and Optimal Nerve Functioning

Dr. Chon has also worked on tongue ties in infants using chiropractic care. A tongue tie is a condition where a strip of skin beneath a baby’s tongue restricts proper movement.

Light, pediatric adjustments focused on the cranial and upper cervical areas can optimize nerve function, enhance coordination neurologically, and potentially lead to comfortable tongue movements.

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