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Meet Dr. Neal Vitalis

Dr. Neil with familyWelcome to Covington Chiropractic! Until recently, our lead doctor was Dr. Neal Vitalis. Dr. Vitalis is now retired after over three decades of practicing chiropractic care.

Dr. Vitalis was born and raised in Turner Falls, Massachusetts. The first time he saw a chiropractor was in high school after he got injured playing football and started having back problems. Desperate to reduce the pain, Dr. Vitalis went with his parents to see a local chiropractor. He had no idea what a chiropractor was or what one did, but he was willing to try it, as nothing else had helped so far.

A Turning Point in His Life

The first visit Dr. Vitalis had with the chiropractor was very different from any other doctor’s appointment he’d had before.

It was the first time a doctor had taken the time to examine thoroughly, explain to Dr. Vitalis what he found, and talk through solutions. That chiropractor not only helped his injury, but he also changed Dr. Vitalis’s life.

In 1986, Dr. Vitalis started practicing chiropractic care; in 2004, he purchased Covington Chiropractic. He spent years changing the lives of others, just as his life was changed by chiropractic care.

The Path From the Air Force to Covington

After years in the Air Force and working for a fire department, Dr. Vitalis transitioned to pursue a dream of becoming a chiropractor. He found that Palmer Chiropractic College was the best option, so he moved to Palmer’s campus in Davenport, Iowa, after getting out of the service.

What seemed like an extremely long future in college actually went by very fast. The study of neurology turned out to be the most interesting, as well as the most challenging, part of school for Dr. Vitalis.

After graduating in 1986, Dr. Vitalis worked at Yardley Chiropractic in Renton, Washington, until 1991. He then started a solo practice in north Seattle before moving work closer to home and buying our practice in 2004. He was thrilled to bring healing to his own community of Covington.

Continuing the Legacy of Quality Care

We are proud to follow in Dr. Vitalis’s footsteps and continue to offer great service at our practice. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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