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Meet Dr. Amos Young Won Chon

Dr Amos Young Won ChonDr. Amos Young Won Chon, a second-generation Korean American, has dedicated his life to pursuing holistic health. From a young age, he expressed interest in health care, volunteering at hospitals and nursing homes, visiting shut-ins, and assisting at homeless shelters. His passion propelled him to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Music from Southern Adventist University.

A Global Servant Leader

Driven by a desire to serve, Dr. Chon spent six months as a self-supported missionary in rural Bolivia and a week in eastern Montana serving native American Indians as a summer Bible camp director for young kids. He continued this mission by providing chiropractic care to communities in China, Bolivia, Uganda, Kenya, and Navajo Native American Indians.

Personal Experience Fuelling Professional Excellence

Dr. Chon’s journey into chiropractic began when he suffered from severe scoliosis as a child.

“Not only did the chiropractor help me add another inch to my height, he demonstrated the type of invaluable quality care that chiropractors provide to their patients—for life.”

The transformative experience inspired Dr. Chon to pursue a career in the field, graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic West with a Doctor of Chiropractic. He aims to treat patients naturally and non-invasively, educating them about maintaining a long, healthy, and happy lifestyle.

Learning From the Best

Under the mentorship of Dr. Nicholas Athens, former chiropractor for the San Francisco 49ers, Dr. Chon honed his skills. His techniques include Diversified SOT, Activator, Thompson Drop, and cranial work, and he cares for patients ranging from infants to the elderly.

Advocacy and Expansion

Dr. Chon actively supports the chiropractic profession, lobbying in Washington, D.C., and seeking ways to expand chiropractic care locally and internationally.

A Renaissance Man

Aside from his work as a chiropractor, Dr. Chon is a classically trained cellist, avid photographer, and nature lover. He has toured internationally as a principal cellist and soloist and continues to play for church services, local orchestras, weddings, and recitals.

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